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I've been on a little shopping project I've given myself, to find the exact same or similar product at it's true retail price (i'm talkin' straight from the manufacturer) versus the expensive/well-known brand.
Let me further explain..
While on Steve Madden (boldface/underline/circling STEVE MADDEN) I always come across shoes for $90+ that i'm sure i've seen in a Dr. Jays Window of some sort, or even those private boutiques in Soho, for wayyyyy less, i'm talking on sale for about $15 or originally priced at 30 to 40 bucks? amazing I know.  I've always thought about how Huge brands like that get away with selling to their consumers by overpricing their items.  I probably shop too much to even notice things like that but I have to share it with you guys so you can start saving & stop being fooled aswell :)

Here's a pair of shoes I saw online on Steve Madden for $99.95;

(photos courtesy of ohlalablog)
called the 'Winnona' shoe as seen on Eva Marcille
And here's the exact same shoe I found in a little boutique in soho for half the price -- $29.99;

As seen feet! lol
.via instagram.
(my instagram name is rcmarie by the way)
Don't be fooled by the tag!

I've purchased both Ka'oir cosmetics by video vixen Keyshia Dior,
and beauty supply store bought brand NYX, and I have to say there is
no real difference between the two..

I purchased Ka'oir after seeing their beautiful vibrant color ways they have as well as the quality from pictures via twitter or different blogs and thought 'I have to try that',
Now if you know me, you'd know that I don't discriminate when it comes to anything really,
but the quality has to be on point. QUALITY is everything.
I've always knew of NYX, but BEFORE they revamped themselves I disliked the quality of their products so I never really bothered with them after that.. until recently, which was my encounter with them while in a local beauty supply store.  I loved their new look and their lipstick even had a Matte collection and Shimmer collection called 'Diamond Sparkle Lips' but due to the prior experience I had with them, I only bought one lipstick from their Matte collection which was only $4.99 just to try it out again to see what the difference would be this time around;

Notice how Ka'oir' & NYX's containers are quite similar;

& notice how the Matte lipstick also has a Matte finish container (I love that).

So I went back to the store and racked up on a bunch of their lipsticks and I must say I'd rather buy NYX than to pay $15 a pop for Ka'oir, since their so much alike,
and NYX has many different colors/shades/types to choose from.
But I do respect Keyshia Dior's hustle & I do understand that NYX has a longer history and is a more established brand.
Moral of this post is,
Don't be fooled by who is selling or promoting the product just because they're "famous",
well unless of course you'd like to support your favorite celeb/brand etc.
Just do your own research and you'll start to automatically notice the differences & start saving up.

This may be a new thing I may do for my blog in the near future,
like a 'look for less' kind of idea :)

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  1. Gozika says:

    Loving the print shoes!

    xoxo Gozika