ADIDAS x Jeremy Scott

Ok, even though I can't fit mens sizes
(&it's a shame they don't come in smaller sizes,
because I believe they would look super cute on small feet),
But I personally would stuff some socks for these !

Definately for a guy with super style !

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7 Responses to ADIDAS x Jeremy Scott

  1. TAMMY says:

    Cool blog...Im following you...come check out my blog and be sure to follow me back. Thanks in advance!

  2. Fabnay says:

    These shoes are fire. Like omg. I wear a size 5 and no shoe ever fits me so I am def going to buy these and stuff it if they have a size 6.

  3. ECW says:

    hey what college do you go to in New York? I start in august at the art institute of new york. Also if its not to much to ask can you follow my blog. Trying to get past 6

  4. omg i love those shoes!
    i followed you back btw,
    i heart your blog :)

  5. RC. says:

    @ ECW; I go to school in downtown Brooklyn, &thats lovely art institute is a great school :)

    @ Mara; likewisee & Thanks bunches!<3

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love those shoes . Sliver shoes are so fabulous they make you different then a blend in.

    Check out my blog .

    Love .

  7. Nefd says:

    i really enjoy lookin at new shoes especially these like yo i thought this colab would never happen i want to try to get some of these ill =]