Melody Ehsani: The Real Thing.

Okay, If you know or follow me, you know I support and love me some Melody Ehsani, and have for some time.
Now this post is to pay a little homage because in my eyes, her jewelry has been the most imitated from probably 2010ish - 2012.  You know those little ads on the borders of those gossip/blog sites you like to visit?  Well Ive seen so many online boutiques copying her items, from the "Bad" ring to her "Queen of The Jungle" necklace that Rihanna has been parading around in recently.
This may seem like a contradiction between my last post about saving $$ on products that are the same under a different label, but it's not.  Why? because there's that key phrase: "products that are the same", meaning manufactured from the same factory, same details, same quality.. just for a different price.
But this post is about purchasing lower quality items just because it looks the same, or faking it until you buy it.. or not.

You know those cheesy online shops that look appealing because they sell the hottest trends in accessories,
for instance, these lion chain necklaces I googled that are apparently trying really hard to morph into the Queen of The Jungle necklace:

But fail.

Even Leona Lewis didn't get the memo:

But it's ok!
I got you Leona girl!

The Original Deal:

images Via: Melody Ehsani's online shop:
For only $69.

Tae Heckard got it (The next best doorknocker earrings version) :

& the lovely Rih (of course) :

Melody Eshani also has much more unique/stand out/one-of-a kind jewelry
on her site, so get the real thing & visit:

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