Along The Pier.

So me & Gabby ventured out & happened to get lost while along the pier.
We started off on 42nd street then somehow ended up on 23rd by the end of the journey,
I eventually had to use my Siri app to find a nearest Starbucks for us to rest at..
We still had fun regardless of the horrible heat :-)

She's always crossing the street at the last minute;

Then I happened to spot a cruise ship when I finally crossed,

& felt the desire to get a better photo of it, so we started to follow in it's direction;

& We finally caught up to it, but it was moving a little too fast so, I took a photo of what I could..

Then after my attention was off the cruise ship, I happened to notice how awesome the scenery was;

So I started going "trigger happy" ha :)..& decided to use Gabby as my subject;

& I don't think she liked that too much bcus she took my camera from me lmao, & played photographer herself (don't mind me in the right lower corner, ha :p) ;

& I want to post way more, but this is already the 5th day i've skipped on not submitting this post already,
so maybe i'll edit later with more, or post the rest on my flickr, lol.
I need one of those "click to read more" links on my posts :/

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3 Responses to Along The Pier.

  1. BANG: FWB says:

    #1. These pics are phenomenal #2. I like how you took us through a journey of your mind, lol! =]

    Where was all this wandering taking place =]?

    Don't forget: our chatroom is tomorrow at 8pm eastern & we're discussing relationships. =] We had a blast during our last one and everyone got to promote their sites and meet great people. Hope to see you there!

    Kimberly FWB

  2. RC. says:

    Thanks so much ! Lol, randomly enough I had/have much more to say, I think i'll post the rest later on :-).

    & it took place here in NYC :-)

    i'll check out the chatroom!

  3. Bwahahaha at the ducks crossing. lol