Finsk 116-97.

Ok, I came across these shoes while online shopping on solestruck & all I can say is whoa...

These shoe designers are really pushing the envelope these days!

I would just LOVE to see someone try to walk in these !
Retailed at 999.95 (or $1000) bucks at Solestruck.

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9 Responses to Finsk 116-97.

  1. those r some shoes!! wish i could afford them

    thanks for letting me know that u know luis...can u pls let him know about the pics pls...

    do follow if u like :)


  2. Anonymous says:

    those are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. XPPINKX says:

    I <3 your blog!!! i am glad you left me with your link :)

    bad bitch status

  4. wow tahts intense.. i would love to see someone walk on those haha

  5. These shoes are a work of art!

    I agree, I would like to see someone walk in these.

  6. They're definitely crazy and I think Lady Gaga would be the perfect person to wear them! xoxoxoo

  7. vnikali says:

    i m not sure i am able to walk in them hahaha
    they look challenging

  8. These shoes are CRAZZYY!! I totally would love to have a pair and try to wall in them ahaha... great wall post.
    xoxo asiahlynn