& It Starts Now.

So the semester is finally over, finals are done ! [Took my last one today] and I must say I believe I passed them all, they were easier than I expected.  This semester went by so quickly and sadly, this was the most effort that I've ever put into school work [lmao] but I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment from it.

Hallo there :D
But anyway, now that i'm free; I plan to redecorate my room [painting, photos/posters/framing, bedset change] the whole 9, more photo shoots for people, and well... doing whatever the hell I want because school is OVER ! [for a while] ha sorry i'm really excited about it if you can't tell [much sarcasm] :P
& I assume more updating on this shit with my life of free time..

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3 Responses to & It Starts Now.

  1. There is nothing better that finishing finals!
    Great camera, what model is it!
    Great blog you have here.
    Now following.


  2. RC. says:

    agreed & thanks!
    its a canon rebel [:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love the colour of you nails!!!:)