This Always Happens..

I got an email this morning from whowhatwear & the title happened to be "beauty board: trend report" so my instincts spoke like "grey nail polish" then I scroll down to see;

(Looks down at previous post on my new polish purchases)
& then i'm all like o-m-g that always happens..
It seems like grey nail polish will be the new trend for Fall '10.
It's kind of weird but it seems I have a instinct for this kind of stuff,
it's happened too many times.
& pardon this half-ass post lmao, I dont feel like elaborating right now it's really late..
I'll most likely edit this post to make it right later today..

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2 Responses to This Always Happens..

  1. humm i definetely have to buy grey nail polish,


  2. Lol, what's it going to be for Summer 2011?!!!! Oh, and Fall 2011 tooo!?!!!

    Thanks, hhahaa I'ma be ahead of the game.

    God bless