Nail Tutorial (pics only)

Here's my cheetah print nail tutorial;
(Sorry no video yet, just pictures :( I hope you still comprehend the concept)

For This Design;

Ok first, chose and paint you base color on your nails;

(I used Illamasqua's "Rare" & applied about 5 coats)

Secondly, apply dots on the areas where you want to make the cheetah print;
(I used white polish; "A-ha! Moment" - Sephora by OPI)

Now for the next step, I used a skinny-brush nail applier such as this one;

Which came from this nail polish;
(Kiss Nail Art, Its QUITE old lmao, I just use the brush for designs..
I know I just need to buy new ones LOL!)

Okay, Use the skinny brush applier for the cheetah print.  For the cheetah print color, I chose black;
(Chose a basic nail lacquer from your local drugstore)

Now, I used the thin brush to apply in a dot-like manner; not meaning brushing on a simple dot, but give the brush an angle and apply in a slant but still being a dot, & apply 3 "angled-dots" around the white spot; repeat for each white spot on your finger nails.

The outcome shall look like the first two pictures and remember there's no specific size and you can try other side designs to make them funkier ! :)

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5 Responses to Nail Tutorial (pics only)

  1. hi hun, i'm having a makeup sale on my blog so please feel free to check it out! =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    o your about to make vid tuts in the future? I think that would be awesome because your makeup looks always look nice! Im interested in seeing how to vids! Love those on youtube!

  3. RC. says:

    yes i am, & thanks ! its coming very soon.

  4. Anonymous says:

    o cool! What is you youtube page so that i can follow once you decide to make vids!

  5. RC. says:

    my name on youtube is misspyv, the link: