TrendSetter? What Really Kills Me.

-When people "Jock your style".
IT kills me to see how many people try
to follow what I do, or take the shit I make up & run with it.
Not to even sound full of myself etc., because i'm not like that at all,
Its just the truth. I'm used to it NOW though so I brush it off.
I remember when i'd psych myself like "naww, she didn't copy me?.." then I had no choice but to believe it when I know damn well SHE saw ME with whatever I wore the week before & complimented it, so SHE shows up wearing it the same way -- Its fine if you bought it aswell because you liked it, there's quantities for everyone but get your own style, especially when it's not the first time doing so..
Now with my lingo & old nicknames i'd call myself but no longer do because other females/males were caught using them (via myspace back in the day '05-'08), or in other words; When Jockers Attack,
it's obvious who you got it from -- Atleast you can do is give me credit lmao.
Another situation; It's sad when it seems like I
only attract the phoniest people to socialize with;
ex. new hair do, you tell me it doesn't "fit" me or you don't like it,
but the next time I see you, you admit to me it looks nice & so does my outfit,
THEN you ask me where'd I get my clothing from & from that point on you want to
ask me for "styling tips" are you serious?
That's why I never consider people to actually be a friend to me unless I
see through all that phony bitch aura. I am blessed with a tendency to see straight
through people so that's what I do. Now I understand I should just be flattered or take it as a compliment, yeah that's all good, but the shit still bothers me deep down, lol.
Ahh well,
Catch Me Dolo.

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  1. Hi!

    I really like your blog.

    I just started mine, and i would really appreciate it if you read it and told me what you think.

    - Jill