Fraudulent.. Or A Good Thing?

Either Way..
Steve Madden Has Done It Again!
Remember 1st Imitation Of Those Fem Timberland Monolo's
back in the day? Lol. Steve went on a jocking spree after that..
but here's his most recent crime:
Jacked McQueen's Steez For The Booties Seen On My Blog Post Way Back When..
then Rihanna & Lala Vasquez Lmao;

Alexander McQueen's Faithful bootie:

Retailing For $1,155.

Steve Madden's Version:

They're called SERYNA
Retailing for Only $149.95**

It's Crazy How Steven's Version Looks JUST like McQ's without the scull on the zipper..
I See A Future Court Case For This One.

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