Jewelry Making

2 posts in 1 day?! haha, but anyways..

What I'm sharing right now is a little gesture i've been doing which is jewelry making..
I'm on Etsy day in & day out (lol) so I figured why not start to make my own jewelry since I love accessories
so much, and so far i've made 2 bead bracelets (because of my recent interest in feng shui bracelets) & a pair of wooden bead hoop earrings.  I'm quite on the easy level of it for now, i'm not too advanced with using the chain links/cutting tools/stone installments & clasps yet (I knew I should've took that jewelry making class last summer :\) but these are cute/unique enough for me for the moment, lol.
Here's a look:



All together now;

& i'm going to make more (of course to stack em') lol, I love bracelets.
& maybe paint some wooden beads I have with neon colors to add to my luxe&love bigcartel shop.
keeep a look out :)

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2 Responses to Jewelry Making

  1. Exactly what I've been up to all of last month while on vacation! =]. I love your pieces and your oh so beauful pictures of course!!!



  2. GREEDS says:

    You are gorgeous and so are your photographs!