Lessons & Enlightenment.

(Don't ask why my parents decorated the car like this)
Hey guys, I hope you all had a fun time celebrating the holidays.
Sorry to all the high schoolers that had to go back to school so quickly :( .
Random thing is, i've noticed a lot about myself for the past month (December) to now
and it all started when I found all of my previous free writing journals from 2008-2010.
Yes, I had/have and keep journals! I love them & they are really useful especially when organizing
and (specifically what I like using them for is) setting goals for myself.  I love the fact of crossing
out both essential & leisure goals that I have accomplished throughout my life and I love witnessing
and remembering how dedicated I was to come about accomplishing them in the end.
It really lifts my spirits because I know and learn what I am capable of doing :)
But any-hoe, Christmas was cool & what I liked the best about it was the fact
of me giving more to others than receiving.  The gift of giving definitely
leaves you with the same feeling as when you would get
something that you'd enjoy from someone,
and it makes you feel good !

(Random photo shoot time with my younger brother, lol)

(& little sis !)

Of course there's more but of course i'm lazy & not done uploading them..
TBC ! (to be continued)

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1 Response to Lessons & Enlightenment.

  1. Your little brother and sister look like gorgeous people!!!! So pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless!!!!